dresden elektronik

Since 1990 we have been acting as a competent partner for complex development work and series production.

Your complete supplier for electronic development,
type testing and series production

We serve the entire value chain from one source. From the initial idea to the finished product, we solve individual and demanding tasks within the shortest possible time.

All products and services of dresden elektronik are 100% "Made in Germany". The direct interaction of the development and production departments enables fast and flexible product adjustments. As a customer you profit from this with a clearly reduced time-to-market and high-quality, marketable products.

With the foundation of the 100% subsidiary dresden elektronik verkehrstechnik gmbh in 2006, the company specialized in product developments in the field of traffic control and display systems.

Foundation October 1990
Employees approx. 120
Company profile Development, type testing and series production of electronic devices and systems
Company headquarters Dresden
Certification DIN ISO 9001:2015


  1. 1990

    Foundation as engineering office with 2 employees

  2. 1994

    Development of small series production

  3. 1998

    Development work on power sources for the "ISS" space station

  4. 2000

    Start of SMD series production

  5. 2002

    Construction of type test laboratory

  6. 2006

    Foundation of the subsidiary "Verkehrstechnik"
    Test System Solutions Division

  7. 2008

    Start of development work in low-power radio data transmission

  8. 2009

    Move to the new company location Dresden-Reick

  9. 2012

    Market launch of the new generation of OEM radio modules: The "M" Series

  10. 2013

    Market launch of the lighting control system based on ZigBee radio technology

  11. 2016

    Electronic advertising system based on e-paper deZign is product of the year

  12. 2017

    Finishing of extensive investments in the production area

  13. 2017

    Foundation of the Phoscon brand for innovative smart home products.

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