After Sales Service

We are also at your disposal after finishing the project

Sustainability and service reliability are core elements of our customer relationships. Where long-term availability and professional repair and spare parts service are required, we are the right partner. With our special equipment we can also help in hopeless cases. Together with the inventiveness of the development engineers and the high-tech analysis methods of the TU Dresden, our qualified specialists let little miracles happen.

Our services

  • Long-term storage of components or assemblies
  • Warranty claims and repair requests (standard processing time 20 working days) are treated as RMAs and are equal to normal customer orders
  • Repair service far beyond the normal warranty
  • Use of standard and special test procedures for fault isolation (e.g. X-ray tomography or ultrasound diagnostics)
  • regular maintenance or calibration of products manufactured by us
  • Update service for software and firmware solutions developed by us Re-engineering of obsolete assemblies by new development on modern component basis
  • Withdrawal and environmentally sound disposal of electrical appliances
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