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Research project for using robots in manufacturing get started

dresden elektronik starts research project on the use of robots in manufacturing

A few days ago, dresden elektronik received the funding approval for the participation in the BMBF research program "Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods" and has already started to do so.

Under the project name "Rob-aKademI"   dresden elektronik will investigate in a period of two years how robots can be successfully used in the complex processes of THT PCB assembly. The research task is to find out how a robot can precisely place the connections of components in the holes provided for this purpose on the printed circuit boards. This technical challenge is to be solved by using artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms. We are working together with two research institutes and five industrial partners. The results are intended to facilitate the work of our employees, which up to now has been exclusively manual and in the long term cognitively burdensome.
The goal of the Rob-aKademI research project is to improve working conditions and increase productivity through automation. During the research period, we expect many exciting solutions and corresponding success.

You can read the full details of the project here

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