Automatic and
computer-generated soldering

Soldering technologies according to the current state of the art in process technology

Modern soldering processes

With this almost complete range we are well equipped for complicated assemblies. Our high-tech equipment guarantees the best soldering quality and highly qualified personnel with years of experience make (almost) the impossible possible. All soldering processes take place under permanent nitrogen enrichment of the air.

We offer you

  • Soldered on one and two sides
  • Mixed assembled and soldered (SMD / THT)
  • Lead-free and leaded soldered assemblies
  • Safe soldering of assemblies with large thermal masses
  • Templates
  • Small series
  • Series

Our Technologies

  • Convection reflow soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • Automatic selective soldering
  • Hand soldering
  • Precision IC soldering as one-off production
  • Replacement of BGA and QFN components with semi-automated repair station

Your Enquiry

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