CE declarations

EU declarations of conformity for our products

Declaration of conformity for your product

Are you looking for the current and appropriate EU Declaration of Conformity? You can download the documents here.

Radio modules - AVR

Radio modules - AVR

Radio modules - samR21

deRFsamR21E-23S00 deRFsamR21E-23S00 417.8 KiB
deRFsamR21E-23S20 deRFsamR21E-23S20 415.8 KiB

Wireless technology - Equipment

ZigBee Gateway Solutions and Phoscon products

RaspBee RaspBee 56.6 KiB
RaspBee Gateway RaspBee Gateway 405.2 KiB
Phoscon Gateway Phoscon Gateway 53.7 KiB
ConBee ConBee 366.1 KiB
ConBee II ConBee II 56.4 KiB
Conbee III Conbee III 54.9 KiB
RaspBee II RaspBee II 67.7 KiB
Hive Hive 60.1 KiB

ZigBee Ballasts

FLS-PP lp FLS-PP lp 371.9 KiB
FLS-H lp FLS-H lp 372.8 KiB
FLS-A lp FLS-A lp 405.7 KiB
FLS-A IP65 FLS-A IP65 406.2 KiB
FLS-AE lp FLS-AE lp 397.9 KiB
FLS-CT lp FLS-CT lp 398.6 KiB


Scene Switch Scene Switch 404.6 KiB
Lighting Switch Lighting Switch 395.9 KiB

Kits & Bundles

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